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Living Opportunities Inc (LOI)

Living Opportunities Inc (LOI)

Living Opportunities Inc. is a 2nd generation family business located in beautiful Madison Ohio. LOI consists of three group homes. Lakeland, our foundation home, is home for fifteen women with developmental disabilities. Lakeland is a barrier free environment that sits on about four acres of history enriched land as it is apart of the George Hooper Estates back in the late 1800’s. The majority of the women have a private room and enjoy the many large open areas for crafts, social interaction, and personal space.
Another location that is apart of LOI is Woodside. This beautiful home was built in 2009 and purchased from the previous owner in 2012 from LOI. Woodside is apart of a young and developing development in North Madison. Woodside is home to five higher functioning women with developmental disabilities who enjoy their independence and community activities.
LOI’s third home is called Kimball Home also located in North Madison in a small community setting. Built 2015 -2016 and opened in 2016 for five higher functioning women with developmental disabilities, Kimball also thrives with community involvement and community interaction at events.

Our Opportunities

Living Opportunities Inc. offers many opportunities in the healthcare field.

Our backbone to our organization is the Direct Support Professionals (DSP). Our DSPs complete a wide range of jobs, maintain a wide range of skills and some may say "wear multiple hats in a day". Greeting families and friends of the women who reside in the homes, to help getting the women up and moving for the day and laying the women down in the evening. The DSP is the hands on care person. Don't forget, DSPs get to have fun too. Whether is going out to the movies, going to musicals, helping in special crafts such as making coffee mugs, carving pumpkins, or smiling when the women they care for succeed. The DSP is the heart and soul of Living Opportunities, Inc.

Another job opportunity is LPN. Lakeland offers 24 hour nursing care to fifteen women. The LPN is considered the floor supervisor and oversees some of the daily operations. Because we are a family setting we encourage the LPN to help with crafts, family engagement, and be a part of the daily care to the women we serve.

Why Work for Us?

LOI is a family business. We strive on this. We understand family is important, things happen in life and we want to be there to help. You will see the administrator down on his hands and knees cleaning, or talking with each lady. You will see the owner dressed in jeans and working outside or side by side with staff and asking for their opinion. You will feel at ease when speaking to these individuals as they know your name and truly care about who works for them.

One nice thing Living Opportunities has had over the years are DSPs and LPNs grow. They grow into new career opportunities such as DSPs becoming LPNs or RNs. They can work with the LPN on duty and grow in their schooling by asking questions and becoming med certified, CPR, First Aid and AED certified. LOI does monthly training on topics such as weather safety, falls, choking, etc.
One LPN in the past has grown to become the DON of another ICF because of her confidence and knowledge from Living Opportunities, Inc.

Over the past years LOI has had multiple staff return after branching off on their adventures. Many of them come back and say the same thing over and over "I missed the ladies" (residents).

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3142 County Line Road
Madison, 44057
p. 440/466-1678

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