What is a DSP

What type of jobs are there?

All DSPs help people live, learn, work and play in their communities.

Residential — Supporting individuals where they live
DSP responsibilities may include:

  • Supporting individuals to live as independently as possible;
  • Helping to ensure individuals are healthy and safe at home;
  • Supporting individuals in their daily life activities such as cooking, cleaning, dressing, and bathing;
  • Assist individuals with money management, transportation, and finding and accessing community activities

Day support — Supporting individuals during the day
DSP responsibilities may include:

  • Take individuals into the community for volunteer and recreational activities;
  • Teach independence skills and how to be safe in the community;
  • Assist individuals to try new things  and be more involved in the activities and hobbies of their choice;
  • Support individuals in forming relationships with others in the community

Employment — Helping individuals find and keep a job
DSP responsibilities may include:

  • Assisting individuals in identifying their talents, interests, goals, and abilities, and support them to find a job;
  • Work with local businesses to connect potential employers with potential employees with disabilities;
  • Provide on-site training and coaching to assist individuals at their jobs